Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sketch bookery

So... It's been a while since my last post. But thankfully enough it's because im busy working. In animation... see mom and dad, that whole 'art' thing worked out. For now.

here's a bunch of sketch book doodlings from the past month or two.

I finally got around to watching How to Train Your Dragon. I was very pleased with the art...
I have a feeling that i'll be drawing a lot more Viking/ Roman/ Warrior type characters in the near future, thanks to How to Train Your Dragon, Spartacus, and i'm sure Brave's not going to help.
See, i usually draw Cowboys and junk, but i feel a shift coming. Oh yea, Assassins Creed is also a big influence on this shift. Ezio freaking Auditore.
 And this is the soupy, soggy brainy leftovers after i burn through what ever inspiration i had going.


  1. These are great designs Adam, I like how you sketch out whatever comes to mind from your inspirations!

  2. Hah, thanks Leo! It's mostly just trying to keep my hand moving, and just drawing with no particular goal. Glad you enjoyed it!