Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick Studies

One of the best things i could of done for my artistic career is take Quick Studies with Craig Nelson. To make a long story short, what used to take me 8 hours, i can now accomplish in a 20-40 minute session. I learned to make decisions and be confident with my paint and brush.

So here's a sampling of the work i did. I really have more like 45-50 paintings, but all the confidence in the world wont make them ALL good paintings!

Still Life's; ranging from 20-40 mins. Some in class and some were assignments
Landscapes; Mmm, comfort zone. I see my self going out and painting plein air for a looong time. The top one is from photo reference from a trip to Cabo, the middle are on location. A windy location. As the sand plastered to the painting will show...
 Figures; ranging from 20-40 minutes
And this painting was an 8.5 hour painting. 18x24 panel.

Thursday, December 15, 2011