Thursday, September 22, 2011

more dev

For the Family

More development for the story im working on. I want a sort of "storybook" opening. So the first few images we see are old photos of the family. This one bellow, is actually the very first image, and it shows the happy family, living in San Francisco, having immigrated from Mexico. Photo is circa 1960. 
This is a glorified thumbnail, so i plan on going back into and pulling out a few more darks, and adding some warm and cool tones. AFTER painting this I sat back, felt pretty happy, and realized they totally had color photography in'll work on that. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

quick studies cont...

Quick studies...

I'll have to quote my instructor, Craig Nelson, on this post and say that I'm certainly experiencing the "hills and vallies" of learning

One painting looks awesome, and a 40 min. painting is quite possibly better than anything i can produce in 12 hours. And some paintings... well i'd prefer to vomit...razor blades.

But! I do see some progress and this makes me very happy. Bellow are two paintings from this past week.  I think they're both about 40/45 min

Thursday, September 15, 2011

back to thumbnails

Back to working on thumbnails. This first set is for the story im working on. To give you a basic idea, the story, thematically, revolves around Day of the Dead. The Mexican/Latin holiday, not the zombie movie... 
Set in San Francisco, the story follows a young boy and his quest to save his recently passed away grandfather, who's soul has been captured by an trickster skeleton character named Mr. Calaveras. 
More story to come...

And these are thumbnails from the book The Zookeepers Wife. Part of a warm up assignment for drawing for film. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Studies

And so the semester begins. 

This time around im taking quick studies. I've always wanted to take this class thinking it'll help my painting ability all around. From speed (obviously), color choice, and confidence. And looks like it'll do just that! 
6 painting per session! Sweet christ. If i don't progress after 80 paintings then there's something seriously wrong with me, and my entire art career will be for nothing. I'll just become an accountant or something. 

But luckily! I have high hopes and i know i'll walk away a much stronger artist. But it certainly didn't happen today. The first of todays paintings was a 25 minuet. the second was 35, and the third one was 40.

I'm excited for this class. A great excuse to paint... a LOT. 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mr. Calaveras

Mr. Calaveras. Or that's what I'll call him for now. The first in a character line up, for a story I'm starting to work on.