Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Studies

And so the semester begins. 

This time around im taking quick studies. I've always wanted to take this class thinking it'll help my painting ability all around. From speed (obviously), color choice, and confidence. And looks like it'll do just that! 
6 painting per session! Sweet christ. If i don't progress after 80 paintings then there's something seriously wrong with me, and my entire art career will be for nothing. I'll just become an accountant or something. 

But luckily! I have high hopes and i know i'll walk away a much stronger artist. But it certainly didn't happen today. The first of todays paintings was a 25 minuet. the second was 35, and the third one was 40.

I'm excited for this class. A great excuse to paint... a LOT. 


  1. These are pretty cool! Impressive that you do 6 of those in one session. I seldom get one decent painting in the entire session heh. It does seem like a super helpful class. I am sure you'll advance miles by the end of it.

    P.s. Mmm..I am actually quite envious of your taking that class now and will probably re-plan my final semester to include it instead of advanced figure painting or something >_>.

  2. @alex: Thanks man! Yea, the real beauty of this class is that you don't have to finish any of these paintings! So that's kind of fantastic. And even after one session, i KNOW theres no way i can NOT benefit from this class. So i recommend it!

    @dan: Thanks Dan. Looking forward to seeing your work in this class!

  3. I love these! Great colors, and mix of details with loose finishes